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Jan 17, 2017

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Jan 16, 2017

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Jan 15, 2017

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Jan 14, 2017

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Jan 13, 2017

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Jan 12, 2017

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Jan 11, 2017

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Jan 10, 2017
Completed - Dear all,
this issue has been closed. See "Milan DHCP Network Issue" incident to get further information on the resolution.
Best Regards,

EnterCloudSuite Team
Jan 10, 11:22 CET
Update - The situation is stable now. All DHCP agents have been restarted and work properly. We'll investigate the root cause of the problem.

EnterCloudSuite Team
Dec 29, 18:01 CET
Update - We are experiencing issues with DHCP server on Milano, and we're investigating why after updating to Openstack Kilo some instances may lose connectivity.
We 'll keep you posted for updates. We apologise for the inconvenience.

EnterCloudSuite Team
Dec 29, 17:13 CET
Verifying - The first part of scheduled maintenance is completed: all L3 agents in all regions are now on Kilo.
For Amsterdam and Frankfurt were not reported any kind of problem during the update; for Milan there have been problems with DHCP agents.

Now the infrastructure is stable and our test didn't reported further issues.

If you have any problems with the connectivity of the machines, contact us immediately.

EnterCloudSuite Team
Dec 29, 05:15 CET
In progress - Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.
Dec 28, 09:00 CET
Scheduled - Dear all,
step 3 is the most sensitive upgrade overall: Networking (Neutron).
We’ll upgrade APIs, all L3 agents (including VPNaaS, LBaaS, FWaaS, DHCP and Internet Gateway) and L2 agent (virtual switches on compute nodes).
A downtime around a couple of minutes per tenant is expected while rebooting all virtual interfaces on Internet Gateways, plus a 15/20-seconds glitch on each compute node while re-creating L2 interfaces in Open vSwitch.
Therefore we’ll carry out this maintenance during nighttime to reduce possible drawbacks.
Order of execution will be: NL-AMS1, DE-FRA1, IT-MIL1, one region per day.
Updates will be available during operations.
Best regards,

EnterCloudSuite Team
Dec 7, 19:13 CET
Resolved - Dear all.
we investigated and found out a bug introduced in Neutron by Kilo version.

A feature was introduced to manage the automatic failover for DHCP servers in Neutron, but the trigger that forced the failover was subject to false positives: this caused Neutron to incorrectly believe that a DHCP server was unreachable and therefore to recreate a new one, then doubling the DHCP server for each tenant network. Hence, since each DHCP server was created with the same IP address and interfaces, OpenVSwitch was no more able to route layer 2 traffic properly, causing DHCP discover to fail. The final result was that customer VMs lost their IP address when the lease expired (every 1 minute).

We disabled this functionality until a bugfix will be backported to Kilo or we'll upgrade Openstack to fresher versions.
We monitored Neutron behaviour enough to say the issue has been closed.

We apologise for the inconvenience
Best regards

EnterCloudSuite Team
Jan 10, 10:55 CET
Monitoring - All DHCP server are restored. If any vm is still unreachable we reccomend to try to reboot it or contact the support at support@entercloudsuite.com.

EnterCloudSuite Team
Jan 3, 08:44 CET
Investigating - We're experiencing an networking issue cause by dhcp server in Milan region.
Many Vms could be unreacheble.

We are investigating.

EnterCloudSuite Team
Jan 3, 07:20 CET
Resolved - The network failure was caused by a misconfiguration of a port on our carrier's equipment. The issue has been fixed and the incident is now closed.
Jan 10, 10:38 CET
Monitoring - The issue has been solved, we'll keep it under monitoring for the next 12 hours.
Jan 9, 14:26 CET
Identified - We are experiencing connectivity loss on the public side for both Amsterdam and Frankfurt region. Amsterdam already recovered, Frankfurt under resolution. Total downtime for both regions was around 20 minutes. We're investigating the causes of the network failure. We apologise for the inconvenience and we'll keep you posted as soon as we have completely restored the service.
Jan 9, 12:14 CET
Jan 8, 2017

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Jan 7, 2017

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Jan 6, 2017

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Jan 5, 2017

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Jan 4, 2017

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